[SHOT 2019] New Products of Strike Industries

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    Our partnership with Strike Industries was an amazing experience from the very beginning of SHOT Show 2019. We hosted them at our range day booth and they brought one of those high-speed low drag Phantom cameras. Anyone at the range could walk into our booth, shoot a gun, have it filmed in slow motion and then receive his video at Strike Industries booth at the exhibition. This author didn’t miss that chance, too.

    By the way, besides being overwhelmingly cool, the slow-motion footage reveals some interesting phenomena. Note that at its very beginning the muzzle flash of the Maxim Defense PDX is rectangular. Apparently, that happens because their HATEBRAKE muzzle booster has a square 3/8” drive socket on its front/muzzle portion.

    We also teamed up with Strike Industries, Primary Weapon Systems and Holosun to put together a giveaway rifle for the winner of our Build of the Week series of articles.

    On the day after the range day, I visited the Strike Industries booth to see the new products that they brought to the show. Granted that they are one of the few companies that release new products with an insane frequency, I had no doubt that I’ll see many new products and prototypes.

    This sci-fi SIG P320 chassis immediately caught my attention. It is a prototype that’s why it has no name yet. This product is in an early stage of development which means that the final one may look quite different.

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    Another interesting product is their new ambidextrous AR-15 magazine release button. It is a drop-in part and requires NO modifications to the lower receiver. They managed to fit the articulating mechanism inside the magazine catch cavity.

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    The right-side magazine release button is pressed all the way

    Another new product is the adjustable gas block for AR-15 rifles. It has several positions that can be selected by rotating the adjustment drum. The latter is retained in each position via a built-in spring-loaded plunger.

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    SI has also designed a new handgun suppressor. It features an external protective jacket which comes in contact with the actual can only at the muzzle of the weapon. Also, each baffle has two pairs of small built-in magnets. When you assemble the baffle stack, the magnets won’t allow it to fall apart making it a little bit easier to insert the baffle stack into the outer tube. If you accidentally put the baffles in reverse direction, the repulsion of magnets will alert you that you are assembling it wrong.

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    SI has been making the Hayl Rail handguard for Benelli M4 shotguns for about a year. This year, they are planning to introduce similar handguards for the Benelli M2, Mossberg 500 and Remington 870.

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    And that’s the list of new products shown by Strike Industries at SHOT Show 2019.

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