[SHOT 2019] NEW Head Down Arms “The Solutionary” & Cerakote Options

    head down arms

    Head Down Arms was present at SHOT Show showing off all of their Cerakote capabilities as well as their newest rifle in “The Solutionary.” For those of you familiar with Maj Toure of the “Black Guns Matter” inner city, firearm educational movement he has teamed up with Head Down Arms and gotten his own black gun made. The rifle is aptly named “The Solutionary” because Maj Toure motivates people to think critically to arrive at their own solutions. The people who follow him on social media are also affectionately dubbed Solutionarys.

    What Head Down Arms and Maj set out to do with “The Solutionary” rifle in developing it is give potential shooters a simple, effective, and affordable rifle. Something that could be used for defense or taken to the range straight out-of-the-box, and flatly work. So it made sense that Head Down Arms dove into their Cornerstone Series of rifles to produce “The Solutionary.” Also, a portion of funds from every sale of “The Solutionary” are donated to the Black Guns Matter movement for firearms education. The complete specifications for “The Solutionary” can be read below as presented by Head Down Arms:

    • 1 MOA Accuracy Guarantee
    • Forged Upper & Lower Receiver
    • Improved Mil-Spec Trigger
    • Standard Bolt-Carrier Group (BCG)

    head down arms

    • Standard Charging Handle w/ Tac Latch
    • Ambidextrous Safety Selector
    • Surefire Muzzle Brake
    • Samson Modular M-LOK Handguard & Samson Iron Sights
    • MSRP $1,199

    This rifle with factory iron sights, a durable Cerakote finish, and a lean body is perfect for anyone who wants to be introduced into the world of black guns. The fact that this rifle does not leave the factory unless it can meet the 1 MOA guarantee is very reassuring as well. A final capstone on this rifle are the words “Solutionary Lifestyle” that are etched onto the right-hand side of the handguard.

    head down arms

    “The Solutionary” rifle was only one of a complete treasure trove of firearms that made it into SHOT Show with Head Down Arms though. They also had on display all of their endless Cerakote options. All of which carry a Lifetime Warranty directly through them (not some unknown 3rd party). They also offer upgrade packages for Glock pistols that include all of the following:

    • Addition of Front Slide Serrations around Glock logo & markings for a “factory” professional appearance
    • Deepen the Cut of the Rear Slide Serrations
    • Addition of an RMR Cut to Slide
    • Addition of a Front Lightning Cut/Channel (Not available on G42; no loss of structural integrity, but slide becomes too light to cycle properly)

    These in-house services run roughly around $300 – $400 depending on how many or how few you would like to add to your Glock. So between all of the Cerakote work Head Down Arms is capable of and their newly formed partnership with Black Guns Matter to produce “The Solutionary,” what do you think? Would you send in one of your Glocks to get some work done? Or would you add “The Solutionary” to your arsenal? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate the feedback.

    head down arms

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