[SHOT 2019] Brownells Releases New Retro, and New Optics

    Brownells had the most announcements of anyone I visited here at SHOT SHOW. It took me most of one morning just gathering the info on their SHOT SHOW releases. They are heavy on their RETRO line, which I think is pretty cool. I am finally old enough to appreciate it. These are all too new to be available on their website, but I was told all will soon be. I will do my best to give you a show of them.


    BRN-PROTO, The newest add on to their retro line. The BRN-PROTO is based on AR-15 serial #1. The PROTO comes chambered in 5.56 and has the original trigger style charging handle underneath the carry handle. It also ships with the original 25 round steel magazine.


    The BRN-180. Brownell’s version of the original 1960’s short stroke piston system. Released as a complete upper it attaches to any mil-spec lower. Modern additions will be the chambering in .223 Wylde and the MLOK free floated handguard (that is easily removed). A proven operating system that can fire from a folded stock


    A view of the assembled upper receiver from the bottom


    Retro 4X Carry Handle Optic

    Built by the same manufacturer as the original, this handle mounted fixed magnification optic is simply old school. If you have a retro type build, this will go nicely. Elevation adjustments are in 100-yard increments calibrated to 5.56 ammunition. ( I would assume 55 grain).

    Match Precision Optic (MPO)

    The MPO line is being touted as made from high-end Japanese glass for Long range shooting. Both these scopes are first focal plane optics. I was unable to take a decent pic of the reticle, unfortunately, (my bad) I only spent about thirty minutes checking out these scopes, but they looked pretty cool for the sub one thousand dollar range. All the adjustments were crisp, easy to grip and none were “mushy”. The reticle at full brightness retained its crispness. Looked great at full magnification, as well as minimal magnification

    Okay TFB readers, what do you think of their RETRO line?



    Mike R

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