[SHOT 2019] Geissele Super Duty

    Geissele shows off their Super Duty Rifle at Shot Show Range Day. They will have two versions, one for civilians and one for Law Enforcement.

    The Super Duty will be available in Black or DDC and of course comes with a bunch of Geissele goodies.

    Geissele is making their own back up iron sights. They have a set of fixed or a set of folding sights that you can choose from when you order your Super Duty.

    Geissele is also making their own trigger guard.

    The Super Duty rifles will come with an exclusive SSA Lighting Bow trigger.


    Their Super Duty LE will be available for active Law Enforcement and sold at a price to help the individual officer who has to use his or her own money to buy a patrol rifle for duty. The base line Super Duty LE will only be $750 and they come with their own ALG handguards.

    V2 Rail

    The slim V3 rail has MLOK slots all around the handguard. Geissele will be offering low profile picatinny rails in case you want to install a laser or CNVD (Clip On Night Vision Device) and those rail segments will be the same height as the upper receiver. In the photo above you can see there is a ramped section so the V3 will have a smooth transition between the handguard and the top rail.

    The Super Duty LE will come with ALG triggers and the same Geissele back up sights as seen on the Super Duty.

    Price for the Super Duty is projected to be about $1700 and will be available later this year. It may be possible in the future to buy the SSA lightning trigger, trigger guard and back up sights one day but for now they are exclusive to the Super Duty line of rifles. I hope they make a Super Duty pistol.

    Nicholas C

    Steadicam Gun Operator
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    Flashlight/Laser Enthusiast
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