New MagPod for PMAG Gen 3

    MagPod – a patented baseplate for the Gen2 Magpul PMAG magazines, that functions both as a monopod and a magazine (ammunition) identifier and reloading aid. 

    I only have one, given to me by a friend, and I think they’re great. They can offer great help when you’re shooting prone, and it’s another tacti-cool LEGO piece that fits the AR-15 puzzle so what’s not to like?

    What really surprises me is that they are really hard to come by. For sure I would have bought more if I could. Are, or were they, they available where you shop?

    With most (all) Magpul PMAGs now being in Generation 3 (M3) I always wondered why Mag Pod didn’t follow and facelifted their Pod to fit?

    Perhaps the Magpul Ranger plates are considered good enough by customers?

    I’m guessing that they run a small business, judging by their website that’s likely, where the tooling cost has to be justified both once and twice before committing to a project.

    It’s therefore nice to see that the Gen 3 Mag Pod is in the works. They recently updated their Instagram with the following drawing. New tooling is in the works and a production date is upcoming.

    Below: By the looks of it it’s going to have some over molded parts which is nice, but adds to the price and complexity in production.

    Before you ask, there are no plans to do a Mag Pod base plate for the 40 round PMAGs. They don’t think it’s worth the investment in tooling.

    Here’s a demo video of the Mag Pod (2017). You can see how the Mag ID dimples can be used to identify a magazine and other features.

    Price and availability to follow as the production of the Gen 3 starts.

    The MagPod was reviewed by TFB already in 2015, check here.

    You should also check out the Russian take on the MagPod here, no tooling required!

    What’s your take on the MagPod? Do you use them?

    You can get your own MagPod here.

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