Breaking News: NEW Colt Bright Cobra .38 SPL+P comes to Light

    Bright Cobra

    Colt made a lot of jaws drop when they announced the re-introduction of double-action revolvers back in January 2017. That initial offering of a Cobra was a bit of a departure from the double-action revolvers they used to produce with its matte finish and rubber grip. The 2nd iteration of the Colt Cobra came this last January with the unveiling of the Night Cobra. This specialized revolver with more concealed carry motivated traits was an even more modern take on the classic name. Now we are seeing the 3rd installment in this series of revolvers with the Bright Cobra.

    The phrasing for this new model Cobra is extremely appropriate because we are seeing a return to the bright, high polish stainless steel finish that so many collectors chase. The Bright Cobra has a more traditional sight picture as well. Some of the more simple features that embody the new Bright Cobra are outlined below.

    • .38 Special + P
    • Bright, High Polish Stainless Steel Finish
    • Wood Grips w/ Colt Medallion Logo
    • Brass Bead Front Sight
    • Frame Trench Rear Sight
    • 6 Round Cylinder
    • MSRP $1,299

    Bright Cobra

    For fans of old-school wheelguns, like myself, this revolver will truly make you nostalgic for the Pythons, Diamondbacks, and Cobras we used to know. Its bright, high polish stainless steel finish is absolutely eye-catching and returns back a lot of the luster people used to associate with a Colt double-action revolver. Another key piece that pushes the Bright Cobra in a great direction is the wood grip with a Colt medallion logo in the center. This was always an iconic centerpiece to Colt revolvers and it is great to see it return.

    The price point might make some people cringe, but Colt revolvers have never been known to be “economy handguns.” They are built to be aesthetically gorgeous and highly-tuned pieces of craftsmanship. These are very strong words coming from a writer who loves double-action revolvers, I understand. I can only hope that once consumers get them in their hands and people start reviewing them that they completely live up to those praising words.

    Bright Cobra

    At this time, we only have this one side profile image of the Bright Cobra to share with you as well as this specification listing from Colt. Also, this revolver is not yet listed on Colt’s website. Without being able to necessarily handle one yet, seeing the appearance and giving Colt an assumed level of quality, are you a buyer at $1,299?… Is this a good direction for Colt?… Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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