SURPRISE: Colt Cobra Revolver Revival

    In a move that very few shooters could have predicted, Colt has just announced that a re-release of the classic Cobra revolver is coming in 2017. The NRA’s American Rifleman published the announcement as a post authored by Mark Keefe, in the form of a mini review of Colt’s new wheelgun.

    Like its predecessor, the Cobra is chambered in .38 Special, but the new version is also capable of handling +P rounds. In addition, Colt has reworked the trigger geometry to have the movement of the trigger finger occur in a more straight line. Also, unlike similar sized revolvers, the front fiber optic sight is removable with an allen scre

    Interestingly, Keefe addresses market’s inevitable requests for different calibers, barrel lengths and additional frame sizes: “be patient”.

    Let’s hope they have a few at SHOT 2017 available to go hands on. Stay tuned.


    Credit: Mark Keefe, American Rifleman

    Mark Keefe, American Rifleman:

    The matte stainless steel, six–shot, double-action Cobra has a fully lugged 2” barrel, and it is rifled with a six-groove, 1:14” left-hand twist. It is 7.2” long, 4.9” high and 1.4” wide. Yes, there is a transfer-bar safety. It comes with Hogue over-molded stocks and weighs 25 ozs.

    Colt 2017 Cobra Revolver:

    MSRP: $699


    Credit: Mark Keefe, American Rifleman

    But this gun locks up like a Colt. And its cylinder goes counter-clockwise, like, well, a Colt. This is no copy of someone else’s revolver with a Rampant Colt slapped on it. Also the cylinder release is that of the old-school Colt’s in that it is drawn rearward to unlock the cylinder.


    Credit: Mark Keefe, American Rifleman


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