[SHOT 2018] NEW Colt Night Cobra .38 Special Self-Defense Revolver

    Night Cobra

    Colt has a very storied history of producing phenomenal single-action and double-action revolvers. To the dismay of many, over the years they slowly dwindled down that inventory to only the SIngle-Action Army leaving consumers reminiscing of the good ol’ days and wanting more. Well, Colt responded to those sentiments by bringing back the Cobra .38 Special. Now this year at SHOT Show 2018 they have announced a newer iteration of that revolver called the Night Cobra.

    The Night Cobra is geared specifically for self-defense with a load-out of features to accomplish that. It is a stainless steel, double-action revolver with a matte black DLC coating for ultra corrosion resistance. It also boasts a set of VZ G10 grips that offer improved dexterity; thus, more control in a smaller package for shooters. The VZ G10 grips are also longer through the handle and have a larger circumference which helps fill the hand and aid in control as well.

    Night CobraAfter shooting the Night Cobra at SHOT Show’s Industry Day at the Range I can honestly say that the VZ G10 grips make a big difference in recoil and control-ability. Comparable revolvers typically have shorter, smaller grips which creates uncomfortable recoil and they are more difficult to manage. That is not the case with the Colt Night Cobra.

    This self-defense revolver also has a front night sight and a bobbed double-action only (DAO) hammer. This will ensure a better sight picture in low-light situations and removes the possibility of snagging on clothing, respectively.

    Some more simple specs for the Night Cobra would be that it has a 2″ barrel, 6 round cylinder capacity and is rated to handle .38 Special +P loads.

    The MSRP of the Colt Night Cobra is $899 placing it $200 higher than their standard model Cobra. Considering the features that this self-defense revolver has, it is an understandable increase in price.

    Colt is really pressing hard to not introduce new products to consumers and leave them hanging so they want to get this revolver into dealer’s hands within 30 days of SHOT Show. So look for this revolver to be in stores very soon.

    Night Cobra


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