POTD: Dual Pistol Wielding Motorcycle

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

My friend Justin L. reposted this photo he found on a CZ group page. It is clearly a custom kydex holster for a dual pistol wielding motorcycle. We have seen some outlandish vehicle mounted kydex holsters for firearms but this is new and just a ridiculous.

We have all seen the infamous Jeep ACR. However according to Fourwheeler Network, it is an Airsoft Masada.

Going back to the dual pistol wielding motorcycle, you can see that the owner is using twin CZ P-09 although one is equipped with a flared magwell. Not sure why the other one does not have one as well. Maybe the owner hasn’t received or purchased the second mag well yet? From the impressions in the kydex is seems both pistols are equipped with what looks like Inforce APL weaponlights.

How practical is this? I am not a rider of motorcycles but the chances of having an accident are much higher than in a car. Could the pistols go flying if the motorcycle is hit or falls down? The other issue is now everyone can see your dual pistol wielding motorcycle. What happens when you get to your destination that is not a shooting range? Does the rider put the guns in a saddle bag or does he or she have dual holsters on their body so they can continue carrying the twin CZs when they are off the motorcycle?

Going back to the use of the APL weapon light, I would imagine using a weapon mounted laser/light would be a lot more practical. In the rare chance you would need to use one of those pistols while riding. It would be difficult to get a proper sight picture while manipulating a motorcycle so take out one task and have the laser aim for you.

While we do not have any context to this photo, I assume that this was made just for fun and not for serious use. Maybe they are trying to cosplay as Dark Angel? Dual wielding pistols is cool in the movies and TV shows but very impractical. Do you think this was a good or bad idea?

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Bigg Bunyon Bigg Bunyon on Jun 23, 2018

    Where do you guys get all the 3rd graders to insert photos, edit text and such as that? No wait, 3rd graders would likely do better.

  • Scaatylobo Scaatylobo on Jun 24, 2018

    My question is to all the Glock haters.
    NOW do you see a good place for a set of G-17's and a couple of 33 round magazines ?.
    Reloads = we don't need no stinkin reloads !