The Tikka T3x TAC A1 parts now for sale individually

    In some countries, the Police will not allow a firearms license for a “military looking” rifle on a hunting permit, and sometimes not even on a target shooting permit.

    One of the examples, but there are more, is in Sweden.

    Attributes like pistol grips, Picatinny rails (the longer the worse) and foldable stocks are not appreciated at all.

    It means that if you apply for a hunting rifle on models like the Ruger Precision Rifle, Sako TRG M10, Tikka T3x TAC A1 and similar bolt-action rifles, the application will be denied.

    I’ve seen a justification that it’s not allowed to have a pistol grip, as you can then fire the rifle from the hip. The applicant described that trying to discuss some reason on the subject was “like talking to a wall“. Source here.

    There is nothing in the Swedish law that dictates that this is forbidden for a bolt-action rifle. For semi-automatic rifles, there are some things that are forbidden by law, but bolt-action rifles are treated differently.

    Recently I was made aware that you can buy the Tikka T3x TAC A1 parts individually.

    So you can apply for a hunting permit on the Tikka T3X CTR vital parts only, and if everything is in order (you’re unconvicted, got your hunting tests approved etc.) you will get a hunting permit.

    The vital parts that require a license are the barrel, the receiver, and the bolt, as pictured below.

    Courtesy of

    Buying and mounting chassis is legal

    You can then buy whatever chassis you want – the Tikka T3x TAC A1 pictured below for instance – and mount them together. This is perfectly legal and the end result will be exactly the same, except it will say T3x CTR on your license.

    Courtesy of


    The drawback is that buying these parts separately will set you back 13,990 + 18,990 SEK which totals to 32,980 SEK, which is about 4,000 USD. Insane, but I’m sure there are customers prepared to order it rather than go to court (and most likely lose the case).

    Of course, I think the dealers might take some advantage and increase their margins on these parts and chassis, but I don’t know for sure. To but the T3 TAC A1 rifle complete is about 2,900 USD as a reference, so about 1,100 USD for the parts individually.

    EDIT: It seems that if you are logged in on their webshop, that if you combine the two parts that the price will equate a normal T3x TAC A1. I have not verified this, but it makes sense.

    Looking for an excuse to buy one? Check this short video.


    Hunting for a Hunting license

    You can find the Tikka T3x TAC A1 here. Hopefully, you’re lucky enough to get one without the hassle above.

    Do you have similar issues acquiring a firearms license in your country? Is part of the process hunting for a hunting license as described above?

    Eric B

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