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The Rimfire Report: The Ultimate 22LR Varmint Slayer (Tikka T1x) MDT Announces the Launch of Sister Company MAMBAMAG Tikka M31 Tikka T1X in KRG Bravo Chassis linear bottom metal left-handed T1x MTR Tikka T3x Tikka T1x

[SHOT 2018] Kinetic Research Group’s New SOTIC Precision Rifle, Bravo Chassis, FOX-42 Semiauto 7.62, and Bushmaster ACR Accessories

At the 2018 SHOT Show, Kinetic Research Group – known for their high quality chassis for Remington 700 and Tikka T3 rifles – displayed something totally new: A complete precision bolt action rifle they called the “SOTIC”, after the Special [Read More…]