CZ Shadow 2 – Maria Gushchina Limited Edition

    Maria Gushchina? Never heard of her?

    If you’re a regular here on TFB we have written about her before, here and here for instance.

    She is a Russian sport shooter with three Handgun World Champion titles in the Lady Production Division.

    I was in Hungary at the (very muddy) IPSC European Handgun Championship 2016 and watched her rip through the stages, leaving most men behind her.

    She ended up on 5:th place overall in IPSC Production, at 89,91%. of Ben Stoeger (USA)! Source

    She was about 3,5% from the podium Overall, and won the Ladies with a margin of 20%! Source

    I saw her at this year’s IWA exhibition in Germany on the CZ stand. However I did not have the pleasure to see her new handgun in person, it looks absolutely fabulous!

    CZ Shadow 2 – Maria Gushchina Limited Edition


    Maria Gushchina with the CZ named after her.


    A short interview with Maria, taken from the CZ Shooting Team page.

    How and in what age did you started with sport shooting in general and how with IPSC?

    I started to shoot when I was 11. My dad took me to the range with him for some small help and once decided that I must try to shoot. And already next time I came with him as a beginner in shooting. I immediately started with IPSC and never tried any other kinds of shooting sports.

    What do you like best about IPSC?

    I am in love in IPSC! Right now it is the main part of my life. This sport is cool because at any age you can engage in this sport and there are no limits for your results! Everything depends on your desire. This sport carries everybody with its speed and dynamic and at the same time strong concentration. You can travel all over the world, meet nice people! In IPSC there is a great atmosphere. If you will try to shoot it once, you will never give up!

    Why did you choose CZ?

    I have tried an incredible amount of handguns. It was a long way until I come to CZ, but finally we are together=) And right now I am happy with this decision. This gun gives me opportunity to grow up in shooting and show the best results.

    How and why did you join CZ Shooting team?

    It happened very unexpectedly. I was thinking about it for a long time, but still was hesitated. And while I came to shoot USPSA Production Nationals, guys from CZ team gave me gun to try before the match. And I decided to shoot this competition with CZ. After the match there was no hesitating thoughts in my head. Guys asked me if I want to join them, and I said «Yes».

    How do you prepare for a competition?

    I don’t shoot a lot in usual life, so before the competition I try to shoot little bit more, but than I have a small break before the match. I need to miss the gun and shooting and to come for the competition with pleasant expectation.


    She also won the match in Thailand, Overall.

    Maria Gushchina – Thailand IPSC 30years Anniversary Champ

    This handgun is going to be available later in 2018. At the moment there is no price available.


    European Championships, walking the stage dry. Some of my pictures on a stage.

    And live…

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