CZ Shadow 2 follow-up

    In February 2016 TFB reported about the new CZ Shadow 2 and the upcoming press release.

    I promised the TFB readers to try to find out the name of the model in the picture below, but unfortunately I was unsuccessful. Shame!


    Model still unknown

    Instead the World Champion Maria Gushchina was at the CZ stand to guide me among all the new stuff.

    The CZ Shadow 2 is specifically designed for IPSC and USPSA competition, and the Shadow 2 have several improvements with this in mind. Of course, most if not all of these improvements come other users handy as well.

    The development was made in strong collaboration with elite CZ competition shooters, with the focus to improve the current design of the popular CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow.

    The new design features:

    • Higher grip towards the axis of the barrel
    • Enhanced grip angle, design, and texture
    • An adjustable magazine release lever, extended for easier manipulation
    • Extended trigger guard for easier access
    • Enhanced magazine base plate.
    • New shape of the safety catch
    • More aggressive slide serrations

    On the stand Maria Gushchina was showing different versions of the Shadow 2 in 9×19 mm.

    For those who don’t know her, she’s the ladies’ IPSC Production Division winner at the World Shoot 2014 in Frostproof, Florida.


    The frame and slide is made out of steel.


    The interchangeable grips are made out of aluminum and come in a variety of colors.


    This is the 40:th anniversary IPSC special edition of the shadow 2, limited numbers.



    I am tempted to switch from my Glock 17 I must say. Very tempted.


    Top CZ shooters, Robin Šebo and Maria Gushchina.



    Note the single action trigger on the red Shadow 2.



    Custom version, with engravings.


    More information can be found at the CZ Shadow 2 webpage.


    YouTube video from the IWA press release and CZ stand.

    More on Maria Gushchina and her shooting: in the IPSC Far East Asia Handgun Championship in Pattaya, Thailand, she actually won both her division as well as the ladies, bringing home no less than two IPSC President’s Medals. That’s quite an accomplishment.

    Eric B

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