B&T introduces a new pistol – USW-P and USW-SF

    B&T of Switzerland is rolling out a new pistol towards the end of the year, and it will be available in two different versions.

    USW-P – a striker-fired pistol version of the USW-SF.

    USW-SF – A striker-fired version of the USW with all the features of the normal USW. B&T claims this is a perfect Law Enforcement weapon, and it will be interesting to see what they think of it and if anyone will adopt it in the future.

    If you remember, the stocked B&T seemed to be liked at the Aimpoint Live Fire Days 2017.

    If you want to read what the normal USW is and does, check out TFB’s original article.

    Both the USW-P (and USW-SF) are a Striker Fired pistols. So how’s the trigger? It tried the trigger (only dry shooting, but you take what you get at an exhibition), and I liked it. It’s difficult to remember any details after 4 full days at exhibitions, but the trigger is definitely up to the job.


    From the B&T Press release, USW-P:

    The ground breaking B&T USW® (Universal Service Weapon) will soon be available in “pistol only“ configuration with the same handling characteristics and features as the USW-SF.

    The classic design, the rugged two piece frame plus the striker-fired trigger makes the USW-P the perfect complement to the USW-SF.








    The USW-P is a classic handgun that incorporates the same features as the USW-SF just without the folding stock and the optic.

    When an operator picks the weapon up for the first time, the feel of the weapon reveals the well though-out engineering, attention to detail and Swiss engineering that B&T is famous for.

    The two piece frame is an aircraft grade aluminum alloy/polymer design, which makes the USW-P the only high capacity, striker-fi re, alloy framed pistol in production.

    This design shares the same proven features as the USW-SF such as ambidextrous handling, reversible magazine releases and the unique flared slide ears for easy slide manipulation.

    It will accept the same magazines as the original USW and the USW-SF.
    The striker fired trigger gives the operator a much faster first shot and a tighter group.

    The trigger safety combined with the striker-fired system will put the weapon faster into action than any SA/DA design.



    The specifications for the USW-P can be found in the picture below:



    USW-SF in 9×19 mm.

    No! Sorry to make you disappointed, but “SF” does not stand for “Special Forces” or anything like that. It’s short for Striker Fired, but it doesn’t mean that Special Forces of various kinds won’t be using it in the future.




    The ground breaking B&T USW® (Universal Service Weapon) continues to evolve for law enforcement, intelligence services and special operations.

    The new USW-SF has all the proven features of the trend-setting USW-A1 plus now is available in a STRIKER FIRED design. This way the operator will have the same smooth trigger pull with each shot.


    The all alloy designed USW-SF® is not just a new weapon but an entire new category of weapon that fills the gap between Pistol, Submachine Gun and Police Carbine.

    The design will enable any police office to engage targets effectively out to 75 meters (82 yards). This is thanks to the totally new concept that combines the latest Aimpoint NANO Red Dot Sight, integrated Side Folding Stock and the clever patented design.

    To perfectly suit todays demands of Law Enforcement Agencies, the USW-SF comes as a striker-fired weapon with an integrated trigger safety and short trigger pull.

    The design of the USW-SF shares not only the same features as the USW-A1 such as ambidextrous handling, reversible magazine release, and the unique flaired slide ears for easy slide manipulation.

    It will accept the same magazines as the orginal USW and it uses the same all the same level-3 holster system.

    The USW-SF also offers supperior safety features for disassembly. There is no need to pull the trigger to disassemble the weapon, while the magazine must be removed and the slide catch must be engaged.

    The USW-SF will be available in the fourth quarter of 2018. As usual, please note that there is a difference between availability between the European and the American market.  That goes for the pricing as well, which is unknown at this moment.

    Many models

    Getting confused with all the B&T models? There’s also the B&T USW320 Universal Service Weapon Upgrade for SIG Sauer P320.


    It would be interesting to take the USW-P with a rail mounted red dot vs. the USF-SF and its Aimpoint Nano on a challenge, to see where the limits are in terms of usable distances. If you’ll send me the pistols I’ll volunteer to try them out and let you all know.


    NOTE: There is a difference between what is available from B&T Europe and B&T USA. These news are related to the IWA exhibition, so B&T Europe at this point in time.

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