B&T USW320 Universal Service Weapon Upgrade for SIG Sauer P320

Eric B
by Eric B

B&T will be showing the B&T USW320 (Universal Service Weapon Upgrade) chassis at EnforceTac 2018.

The chassis converts a standard SIG Sauer P320 (and the US Army M17 service pistol) into what B&T calls an Universal Service Weapon.

If you have tried shooting a pistol in a chassis you should have noticed that it is much easier to engage targets at a longer distance with confidence, especially if you have a red dot sight as a help as well.

50 yard/meters and beyond isn’t really a problem any longer.

TFB recently wrote this upcoming chassis, but now we know more: SHOT SHOW SECRET: B&T Set To Release USW-320

From the B&T Press Release – USW-320 UPGRADE CHASSIS:

The trend-setting patented concept of the B&T USW is convincing. Carbine accuracy with a normal duty pistol enables any operator to more than double the effective range of his service pistol. B&T therefore decided to apply the USW concept to other pistols. Due to its modular design and its widespread use, the SIG Sauer P320 is a prime candidate to be upgraded to the USW concept. A slightly different chassis for the M17 is also available, other pistols to follow. The operator just removes the trigger group and inserts it into the USW-320 Upgrade Chassis.

There are no other modifications to the weapon; the trigger group is held in place by the take-down lever. Furthermore the slide (full-size or compact) and the magazine holder are swapped to the new polymer lower. The whole transfer takes about two minutes.

The USW-320 Upgrade Chassis features an integrated standard Picatinny rail for a light/laser and the folding stock. It is still ambidextrous in handling, with the ambidextrous slide catch lever and reversible magazine catch. The folding stock folds onto the right side of the weapon, where the stock release is also located.

The stock can easily and safely be operated with either the left or the right hand.
The USW-320 Upgrade Chassis accepts standard P320 magazines of 17 and 21 rounds and even any aftermarket 30-round size. The firearm‘s serial number is on the trigger group instead of the grip module and this is what is considered a firearm in most countries, not the Upgrade Chassis.

This means that the USW-320 Upgrade Chassis is not firearm and thus is not serialized and can be sold and shipped with no restrictions in most countries.

Below: A SIG P320 with a gigantic beaver tail.

The stock / support is on the opposite side.

The USW-320 Upgrade Chassis is a Swiss designed, engineered and produced polymer lower for the SIG Sauer P320 that, once converted, combines the size of a normal duty pistol but extends its range, accuracy and effectiveness to that of a 9 mm police carbine. It is ideal for general Police work but also for Airport Police, Railway Police, Customs Service, Harbor Security and Air Marshals. Anywhere, where the necessity of a shot at longer distances may occur.

A B&T designed retention holster will be available soon. The various types of attachments for the holster (belt/thigh/MOLLE) will provide safe and reliable portage of the weapon during all missions.

The features of the USW-320 will enable the shooter to produce very tight shot groups at 25 meters / 27
yards and to place fi rst round incapacitating hits at distances beyond 50 meters / 55 yards. This is possible even under the stress of a life-threatening confrontation. The purpose designed holster will enable the operator to draw and fire the weapon as fast as any standard duty pistol. Unfolding the stock during the draw process adds just minimal time.

USW-320 – Specifications

Width: 43 mm (with folding stock closed)
Weight: 188 g (empty lower with folding stock)
Stock pull: 360 mm
NAR Rails: 1
Magazines: any P320 magazine 17 rounds or bigger
Handling: ambidextrous
Shoulder stock: foldable, right side
Item number: BT-430174 (USW-320), BT-430196 (USW-M17)
Color: black, coyote tan (Summer 2018)


Please note that this is a Press Release for EnforceTac 2018, which is an European exhibition. There may be differences between what B&T Switzerland and B&T has on offer in various countries, and when.

Eric B
Eric B

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  • Bearacuda Bearacuda on Mar 09, 2018

    I like the idea but I think I'd be leery of shooting my fingers off if I held it wrong...

    • See 2 previous
    • Mazryonh Mazryonh on Mar 12, 2018

      @Bearacuda B&T actually put out an older gun called the MP9 that came with an integral foregrip, but that was difficult to holster, unlike their USW. Of course, a new weapon requires learning a new manual of arms in the first place.

      Or you could go with the first version of the MP7, which had a folding foregrip that made for easy holstering.

  • Rjp Rjp on Mar 10, 2018

    This might be compact eniuen to be practical.

    Someone make a note fat brace for it!