Federal Premium goes Further with NEW Hydra-Shok Deep Ammo

    Federal Premium recently went back to the drawing board to see if they could improve upon a time-tested standard for handgun defense loads. After extensive testing and some minor, meaningful changes they have developed the Hydra-Shok Deep defense load; an improved variant of the staple Hydra-Shok round.

    The Hydra-Shok Deep round is meant to be a deeper penetrating permutation of their standard Hydra-Shok which has been employed by law enforcement departments and civilians alike since 1989. This re-designed bullet boasts 50% deeper penetration into ballistics gel during testing and utilizes a more robust center post and core design.

    An overview of the improved characteristics as presented by Federal Premium can be read below:

    • Penetrates 15″ in Bare Ballistics Gel — the Optimal Depth according to FBI Standards
    • 50% Deeper Penetration than classic Hydra-Shok
    • 70% Improvement in overall FBI Protocol Score compared to classic Hydra-Shok
    • Iconic Center Post Design has been improved for better Integrity & Performance through Civilian Barriers
    • Consistent, Specially Formulated Propellant
    • Extremely Reliable Federal Primer

    At the moment, Federal Premium is introducing the Hydra-Shok Deep in one 9mm flavor. Future caliber and grain weight offerings have not been alluded to at this time, but they will likely expand out into similar boxed options that are seen in the standard Hydra-Shok in due time. The current introduction is as such:

    Hydra-Shok Deep

    Hydra-Shok Deep 9mm 135 Grain
    Photo Courtesy of Federal Premium & Vista Outdoor

    • Hydra-Shok Deep | 9mm Luger 135-Grain | P9HSD1 | MSRP $27.95

    These come in 20-count boxes which are a fairly common quantity for defense loads. Federal Premium states that they are currently shipping to dealers and should be available for consumer purchase at your favorite Federal ammunition retailers.

    So with the potential of your carry rounds penetrating 15″ (in ballistics gel testing), would you go out and buy these for carrying?…

    Or do you believe this borders the blurry line of too much penetration?…

    We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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