POTD: EOTech Recall Aftermath

    These photos were shared by an anonymous source. Last year EOTech held a voluntary buy back of their holographic weapon sights. These photos were taken of some sights that were returned to EOTech. According to the source of these photos, these sights were sent to be crushed and destroyed.

    Plastic bin full of EOtech sights

    Here is an uncommon EOTech 553 with a 1 MOA dot.

    In the very top photo you can see an EOtech Magnifer. I was curious why this would be in the bin but it was explained that there were HWS/Magnifier sets and in order to get the refund, the owner would have had to return the whole unit. I do question why these need to be crushed though. It is just a magnifier.

    I do not understand why these companies feel the need to destroy perfectly good products. Granted there is an inherent issue with the thermal shift but why not sell these as factory seconds with no warranty and mark them in such away so the buyer knows what they are buying. I could imagine Airsofters would be happy to have real EOTechs on their guns.