U.S. Law Enforcement Agencies Can Now Purchase FN SCAR-SC

    FN SCAR-SC carbine

    FN SCAR-SC carbine with stock extended (FN)

    FN America has announced that FN’s new SCAR-SC is now available for purchase for US law enforcement agencies at all levels. The subcompact carbine was first unveiled last year at Milipol 2017 in Paris by FN America’s parent company, FN Herstal.

    The FN SCAR-SC, chambered in 5.56x45mm, is now available in the US to law enforcement, but sadly not civilians, as a select-fire only carbine with a non-reciprocating charging handle and telescoping buttstock. However, there is no mention of the .300 BLK version unveiled at the Milipol 2017 exposition being available.


    New FN SCAR-SC with butt collapsed (FN America)

    FN’s 17th January press release states that the new weapon is:

    Specifically adapted for mobility and flexibility, the FN SCAR-SC is offered in the U.S. as select-fire only with a non-reciprocating charging handle and telescoping buttstock. Existing users of FN SCAR® will already be familiar with how to operate this rifle, minimizing training time.

    Technical data (with telescoping buttstock):
    ● Length: 21.10 inches collapsed; 25.71 inches fully extended
    ● Weight: 6.94 pounds
    ● Barrel length: 7.5 inches
    ● Magazine capacity: 30 rounds
    ● Cyclic rate of fire: 550-650 rounds per minute

    Other rifles in the FN SCAR family include the FN SCAR 16 and FN SCAR 17 rifles, the under barrel or standalone FN40GL® grenade launcher and the FN® MK 20 SSR precision rifle.

    FN15 pistol

    FN15 Pistol variant (FN America)

    While the SCAR-SC is not currently available on the US civilian market, FN also showcased several new FN15 rifles at SHOT Show. These included an FN15 pistol variant in two calibers and a new, full carbine – part of FN’s new limited edition FDE range. The FN15 pistols will be chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO or .300 AAC Blackout. With 10.5 or 12-inch, cold hammer-forged, chrome-lined barrels available.

    The new FN SCAR-SC and FN15s were both displayed at FN’s 2018 SHOT Show booth, we’ll have coverage of that posted soon, in the meantime more information is available at FNAmerica.com

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