[SHOT 2018] SAKO’s new TRG22 A1 in 6.5 Creedmoor and VICTRIX Armament Sniper Rifles at Beretta Defense

    BDT, or Beretta Defense Technologies, is the Aegis under which Beretta has the following brands for LE/Military Sales:  Benelli, Beretta, Sako, Steiner, and as TFB reported last year, Victrix Armaments.

    Over at the BDT booth, I got to check out the new SAKO TRG22 A1.  This iteration updates the venerable TRG22 with the same innovations and features found on the TRG M10, minus the caliber-swapping ability.    The stock folds and adjusts the same as the M10, and the TRG22 A1 now comes with an m-lok fore-end, full aluminum middle chassis, and a bolt with dual ejectors.  The model I got to handle was in 6.5 creedmoor, and the TRG22 A1 also comes in .260rem and .308.  The TRG42 A1 has all the same updated feature sets, but comes in .300win mag and .338 lapua mag.  Another cool feature that I noticed was a notch cut on the front of the barrel for attachment of the same iron sight that comes on the Tikka T3X Arctic.  BDT’s Finnish rep explained that this was included at the request of numerous militaries that have an iron back-up sight requirement for their sniper rifles.  Be ready to pay dearly if you want one, however:  commercial models run around $6000.00.

    Muzzle is threaded for suppressor and has index cut for Tikka front sight

    Fully on board


    Another view of the Tormentum

    Also seen at BDT’s booth were rifles from Victrix Armament, the Italian precision riflemaker. TFB’s Pete reported last year on the acquisition of Victrix by Beretta.  I got to handle the following model from their “Minerva MilLe” line: Tormentum (.408 CheyTac), Scorpio (.338 Lapua), and a very compact 16″ Pugio (.308).  All seemed very well built.  The Tormentum was a bit of a heavy beast, but that’s to be expected with such a caliber as .408 CheyTac.  The Pugio was really nicely balanced and would make a great LE sniper rifle.  The curved D-shaped carry handles on the bottom of the foreend of Victrix’ rifles feature:

    • Tripod attachment point
    • multiple QD sling attachment points
    • Front hook for “helisniping” support on a cord run across a helicopter door
    • optional attachment of a rear bipod mounted closer to the magazine well

      Pugio 16″ .308. Ignore the wall labels, so many people were handling the rifles that they were pretty much all on the wrong part of the rack

    Also seen:

    There were other shotguns and rifles in configurations that I had not seen before in person, including:

    • Benelli M3A1 with 14″ Barrel, stand-off breaching brake, and adjustable stock
    • Beretta ARX 200 with slim keymod fore-end
    Rusty S.

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