[SHOT 2018] FN15 Pistol by FN America

    AT the Shot Show Range Day, FN American was showing of some of their latest guns. They have the FN two tone FDE/Black series FN15 out on the range.


    The newest gun is their FN15 Pistol. It has a 10″ barrel and an SB Tactical brace.

    The brace looks to be the same one used for the IWI Uzi Pro just with the FN logo molded into the side. I would have preferred the SBM4 brace or their new minimalist brace with the FN logo.

    The FN15 pistol will retail for $1699 and will be available in .300blk as well.


    Along with the FN15s, they had a pair of FN509s. One of them had been tweaked by Agency Arms. Dave Sevigny handed me the Agency 509 and I was able to hit a 75 yard steel target, after a couple of missed shots.


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