FN 509 Rebate Program Adds Another Temptation Into The Mix

    Yet another super tempting rebate has been announced, this time from FN America for the FN 509. With all the options for some of the best deals I have seen in the gun market for some time, it sure isn’t making consumer’s lives easier. It is a whole lot cheaper to get into a quality pistol with a respectable number of mags than it has ever been though.

    So what is the rebate? Basically, buy a new FN 509 between July 1, 2017 through August 31, 2017 and you get three additional magazines free of charge. At an MSRP of $49 per mag and a street price of about $45, three free mags add up to one of the better mail in rebates currently going on.  FN America even takes consumers that live in a state with reduced magazine capacity laws into account by offering the same deal, only with 10 round magazines in lieu of the 17 round magazines.

    Personally, I prefer to have at least 5 mags per handgun just to make time at the range more enjoyable and make sure that I have a spare or two should one of my magazines get damaged somehow. After all, mags are a consumable just like everything else used for shooting, they just last a heck of a lot longer than other consumables.

    Check out the rebate page for the FN 509 if you might be interested in taking advantage, they list the specific models that are eligible as well as a link to the redemption form. To learn more about the pistol you can watch my TFBTV review of the FN 509 or visit FN America’s website.