POTD: AK-47 Face Tattoo

    Last week we saw a rather DOPE tattoo. While the DOPE tattoo has its issues, it is functional and on the forearm. Here is a tattoo of an AK47 a guy’s face. He already has brass knuckles on his neck. The tattoo was done by Chris Young Stathakis, a Florida tattoo artist at 3LD Tattoo. This image was posted on their Instagram page.

    3ldtattooItching for a face tat? We got you! AK-47 done here by @chrisyoungtattoos • Attention to detail on this one • Thanks for looking!

    I do have to admire the skill and attention to detail by Chris. The representation of the AK is rather good. Of course, it is not his fault where the tattoo is since it was requested by this individual. The guy seems to be in deep contemplation. Possibly realizing what a monumental mistake he has made. However, it appears he already has a tattoo on the other side of his face just above the eye. I wonder what the rationale was that this guy thought it was such a good idea to have a tattoo of an AK47 on his face? Hopefully, he has “No Ragrets”.