POTD: That’s A DOPE Tattoo

    Want to see a DOPE tattoo? @clone_service_rifle posted a video of a tattoo that he got.


    These are MY cheat codes for my pet load. Your adjustments may vary. This data is for my M24 clone with original M118LR reloading data using 43.1gr RL15 and 175gr Sierra Match Kings. (Not the newer 41.7gr IMR4064) pushing an average of 2,602FPS. Don’t steal my DOPE to get tattoo’d on yourself! Get your own data!!!

    While the tattoo is rather cool and somewhat a good idea, I question the problems that can come from this limited amount of data. Has he considered density altitude? At different elevations his dope will be off and the tattoo will be incorrect.

    Maybe he only intends to shoot his M24 at the same place for the rest of his life so the data remains consistent?