Baden-Württemberg Police Buy More HK P2000s

    German Federal Police (Stuttgarter-Zeitung)

    Hot on the heels of news that Berlin’s 17,000 strong police force will replace its aging SIG P6s (P225) with Heckler & Koch’s SFP9, better known as the VP9 in the US, it has been announced that Baden-Württemberg will also be buying a new batch of sidearms from Heckler & Koch.

    Baden-Württemberg’s state police force currently comprises of some 25,000 officers who are armed with Heckler & Koch’s P2000 V2, which replaced the Walther P5. The 9x19mm, hammer-fired, polymer-framed P2000 was introduced in 2001 ( the V2 having a heavier 7.3lb trigger pull designed for law enforcement use). Baden-Württemberg’s state police currently have around 25,000 firearms on inventory, most of these P2000s. The P2000 is also used by Lower Saxony’s state police and Hamburg’s Wasserschutzpolizei (water police).

    Baden-Wurttemberg police (Felix Kastle/AFP)

    On the 19th of December, it was announced that a further 1060 P2000 V2s would be purchased from Heckler & Koch, via the LZBW, Baden-Württemberg’s central procurement office. Germany’s state and federal police already favour Heckler & Koch pistols and issue a number of different models, including the USP(P10 Compact), P30 and the VP9.

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