MEN-5/10 Less Lethal TASER-Style MINE!

    A Russian company called Gard Systems has introduced a prototype of a less-lethal mine called MEN-5/10 (МЭН-5/10). In case if there is a need to build a temporary fence or there is no time to establish permanent fencing solutions, this mine can be a handy tool.

    The MEN-5/10 mine is designed to be used both in buildings and open areas. It can work in the temperature range of  -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to +50°C). The mine consists of a stand, two rows of preloaded less-lethal cartridges, battery compartment and motion sensors. The mine has two working modes: automatic and manual. In case of the automatic mode, it will scan the guarded area, detect the trespassing attempt and engage the target. In the manual mode, the firing of the cartridges is accomplished distantly by the operator. The MEN-5/10 mine is also capable of engaging multiple targets simultaneously. It can work both powered by the built-in batteries and by being plugged into a power source.

    Although the total amount of cartridges is 20, it is a 10 shot device because the cartridges are shot in pairs. This mine is designed by the same company which makes the GARD less-lethal handgun which you can read about by clicking here and here. That being said, I assume that it can be loaded with the same cartridge types manufactured for the GARD. In the image below you can see the mentioned cartridges. Perhaps besides the glass breaker round everything else could be used in this mine.

    L-R: Normal Cartridge, Cartridge for Heavy Clothing (with longer needles), Flashbang Cartridge, CS Gas Cartridge, Glass Breaker.

    In case if the MEN-5/10 is capable of using all of these cartridges, then I think it will become a much more adaptable device. In such case, it could be loaded with different types of ammunition to match the mission requirements with a selection of threat incapacitation options.

    Hrachya H

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