Russian Less-Lethal Guard

    RTECH-NO is a Russian technology company that is bringing to market a less-lethal device that consists of an electronic charge fed from a removable magazine. The device is called a “GARD” and it essentially appears to be a Russian take on the Taser, but with multiple “shots” instead of the Taser’s two cartridges. It also incorporates a laser into the frame of the device, instead of the Taser’s outside attachment. The battery power is from a battery compartment in the pistol grip. Otherwise it appears to operate identically to the Taser with electrodes being shot out along a pair of wires into a target, with the ability to electrocute a target up to five times. It also has a manual safety on the frame.

    From a source about the company-

    Less lethal weapon, Russian Guard helps control remotely personal. The law enforcement system was developed by the Russian firm Rtech-No. It is compact and weighs less than600 g. notable point, the weapon can shoot five times before being charged, the charger10 modules incorporating two of which are ejected at each firing. Reloading is done by changing the charger as a conventional gun.
    The ammunition CDC door 1 to 3 m against 10 m for the CDC 2. The weapon has a mechanical sighting system and a laser pointer. Finally, the gun can also be used in contact with the two electrodes placed at the front. A specific harness is expected very soon.

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    The English website appears to be poorly written and offers very little information by way of specifications. I assume this is because the primary audience is Russian because the Russian version of the site is very advanced and informative. For now it appears that the product is being aimed at Law Enforcement officials before civilian uses.

    Specifications from the website, translated into English-

    Cycle operation on a single charge

    no less than 150

    The effective pulse duration

    55-75 ms

    Peak-load voltage / load in

    50  kV  / 1300  In

    maximum width

    39  mm

    The width in the handle

    28  mm

    Pulse repetition rate

    90-120  Hz

    Temperature Range

    -10 / + 50 ? C

    Average time of neutralization

    1-5  seconds.


    223  mm


    150  mm

    Number of shots


    Number of CTE

    10  pc

    Curb weight

    600  g

    Laser pointer

    there is


    11.1 LiPO, 500 mAh

    The electrical power in accordance with GOST P50940-96

    10  watts

    To deliver an electrical discharge at a distance is used

    KTP-1 cartridge


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