Taser’s AXON Flex POV Camera

    Tactical-Life posted this up, Taser has a small POV camera that is targeted for Law Enforcement.


    It has 130 deg field of view but only standard resolution of 640×480.  The device is rather small and they could have gone with higher resolution however I do not think it is needed. The device is flexible with mounting options. Something the GoPro is not able to do.



    The device retails for $599.


    One problem I have with this setup is when you use a long gun. I have experimented with many different cameras to document and capture my POV while shooting. The POV of the AXON Flex looks to be very similar to Google Glass. The problem is when you cheek a long gun. When shooting a long gun, I care more about my sight picture than the position of my head. The Google glass ends up pointing a little bit downward and to the right (as I am a right handed shooter). The POV is never parallel along with the sight picture of the gun. Of course the AXON Flex was not designed solely as a shooting POV camera and is made for collecting evidence and capturing everything that the officer experiences.

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