Update: Russian GARD Less-Lethal Weapon System [Interpolitex 2017]

    Russian Interpolitex 2017 exhibition was full of various less lethal solutions. Particularly, we had a chance to see the Taser-style GARD less-lethal weapon. We’ve earlier wrote an article about it on TFB. In this article, we’ll talk about more features of this system.

    GARD is powered by a battery inside the grip which lasts at least 150 shots. Its magazine is in front of the trigger guard which is loaded with 5 pairs of cartridges. Once the shot cartridges hit the target, they keep applying the electricity for three seconds. Upon releasing the trigger, the spent cartridges eject from the weapon and the next pair aligns to be shot. The 3-second time of shock application can be terminated by releasing the trigger.

    The user can also lock the trigger. In this mode, it will keep sending electroshock impulses periodically. This feature allows the law enforcement officers to lay the weapon down and allow it keep the felon incapacitated while they are cuffing the suspect.

    It can also be used as a direct action stun gun.

    There are several types of cartridges for this weapon shown in the image below.

    L-R: Normal Cartridge, Cartridge for Heavy Clothing (with longer needles), Flashbang Cartridge, CS Gas Cartridge, Glass Breaker.

    The GARD system comes in a case which includes the weapon itself, a battery pack, a spare magazine, a charger, another battery pack with a built-in camera which is capable of recording HD video and there is also a bracelet which prevents anyone other than the officer wearing it to use the weapon.

    The manufacturer also makes a safe/charging station to store 12 GARD weapons inside it.

    Last, but not least, they also make a holster for the GARD.

    Tech specs and additional information can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

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