Kimber Rolls Out a New Long Slide 1911 in .45, 10mm

    Kimber Long Slide

    Kimber Mfg., Inc. recently introduced a number of new firearms for the coming year. One of these new guns is a long slide 1911 style pistol that will be offered in 10mm and .45 ACP.

    The new gun is officially titles the Stainless 1911 Long Slide, or Stainless (LS) for short. The Stainless (LS) is assembled with a hand fitted, 6″ slide and match grade barrel. Both the slide and barrel are made of stainless steel. The frame is also made of stainless steel. Unloaded, the Stainless (LS) weighs about 42 ounces.

    On top of the slide is a fiber optic front sight with a target style rear sight. The thumb safety is found on the left side of the gun only. Kimber fits the gun with rosewood grip panels and an aluminum trigger. The hammer is bobbed. The front strap of the pistol has 24 lpi checkering.

    According to Kimber, this gun serves as proof that the company “simultaneously produces America’s highest quality 1911 and offers the best value.” I’m sure Kimber fans will like the gun, while Kimber haters will hate it with an equal amount of gusto.

    Kimber lists the suggested retail price of the .45 ACP chambered gun at $1,075. The 10mm variant of the pistol is a few dollars less at $1,055.

    Richard Johnson

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