Kimber’s Red Dot Ready & Equipped Pistols


    Kimber Mfg., Inc. announced a number of new red dot optics pistols. These include handguns in the KHX line and pistols in the Aegis Elite line.

    KHX Line

    Kimber released several new KHX pistols that are considered “optics ready.” Each has a cut in the slide for the addition of a red dot style sight. Mounting plates are included for the Vortex, Trijicon and Leupold type reflex sights. Kimber uses tall 3-dot sights that can co-witness through the red dot sight.

    These guns are available in both 9mm and .45 ACP with 4″ (Pro models) and 5″ (Custom models) barrels. The barrels are advertised as being match grade. Guns are finished in KimPro gray and are fitted with Hogue G10 grips.

    Pricing ranges from $1,087 to $1,279 depending on caliber and model.

    Aegis Elite

    Unlike the KHX line, these pistols come with red dots installed. These handguns are 1911 pattern pistols that are available in both 9mm and .45 ACP. Two barrel lengths are also available: 4″ and 5″.


    Each of the pistols are equipped with a Venom 6 MOA red dot from Vortex Optics. These models are also equipped with 3-dot sights that co-witness through the Venom optic. The following Kimber models with price tags will be available:

    • Aegis Elite Custom (5″ barrel) in .45 ACP – $1,395
    • Aegis Elite Custom (5″ barrel) in 9mm – $1,415
    • Aegis Elite Pro (4″ barrel) in .45 ACP – $1,395
    • Aegis Elite Pro (4″ barrel) in 9mm – $1,415
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