Heckler & Koch stops supplying the Hong Kong Police

    HK will not ship to HK, that’s the news in short based on the latest development.

    According to several sources, for instance Asia Times, Heckler & Koch from Germany have refused to sell MP5 sub-machine guns, accessories and spare parts to the Hong Kong Police Force.

    As The Firearm Blog reported about a year ago, Heckler & Koch have given up supplying non-NATO and non-partners, and the Hong Kong Police are now seeing the effects of this policy.

    According to Wikipedia, the Hong Kong Police are also using the HK G36KV rifle, which would also fit under the same ban.

    The Hong Kong Police are looking for alternative suppliers, but they will have to be non-Heckler & Koch firearms. If other Western makers of firearms have similar embargoes like Heckler & Koch is unknown, but it’s mentioned that the Police are using Made in Switzerland SIG 556 rifles as well.

    I would have thought that the Hong Kong Police are primarily looking for new 9×19 mm sub-machine gun suppliers. One possibility could be the B&T APC-9, but would it fit under the budget which would also require new training?

    The real reasons behind the decisions not to sell to Hong Kong will probably be revealed, but the sources mention a possible relation to what is regarded as a decline in human rights and right to peaceful assembly in Hong Kong.

    The latest edition of the Heckler & Koch MP5, photo from Enforce Tac 2017. MP5 MLI.

    They won’t be shipping to Hong Kong anytime soon.

    I wonder if Norinco in China are getting their MP5 clones ready to ship as a result?

    (Top picture from the Hong Kong Police Facebook page and the Halloween celebrations)

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