Norinco NR08: Chinese MP5 Clone

    Norinco is now producing clones of the H&K MP5A4 submachine gun. I cannot even recollect reading that China had purchased a license from H&K and I presume these are unlicensed clone. These guns are being exported to the Philippines and being sold for the equivalent of about $2,500.

    I am not surprised that China is producing another clone, but I am surprised they chose to clone the MP5. Both POF (Pakistan) and MKE (Turkey) produce MP5s cheaply and legally on licensed machinery. The market for cheap MP5s seems more than a little crowded.

    Is H&K going to sue the Chinese Government, who own Norinco, like they recently sued an American importer? Not a chance. China seems to find a new way to breach the WTO regulation each month and this is the least of their offenses. Unless the German government is willing to make this into a major diplomatic incident, Norinco is untouchable.

    Firing 3-round burst with the NR08

    [ Many thanks to Curtis for the tip. ]

    Steve Johnson

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