Norwegian Police in the Market for New Pistols

    Armed Norwegian Police (AFP Photo/Odd Andersen)

    Norway’s Police Service (Politi) are set to release a tender for just under 1,000 new pistols to equip their specialist armed response unit.

    An advanced notice informing EU agencies that a contract for between 600 and 800 pistols will be launched in December has been published. The notice states that a tender conference is tentatively scheduled for mid-December with the deadline for submissions will be in April 2018.

    The standard issue sidearm issued to Norway’s armed officers is the Heckler & Koch P30, a popular firearm amongst European police forces. The pistol contract is stated to be worth 5,000,000 Norwegian Krone – roughly $600,000.

    Norwegian Police HK P30 (Gorm Kallestad/NTB scanpix)

    The pistols are to equip “the emergency squad (the police service’s special forces) and national assistance resources”, this most likely refers to Beredskapstroppen – the Norwegian police service’s tactical unit established in the 1970s. The Oslo-based Beredskapstroppen’s call sign is Delta and their officers are equipped with a number of other pistols including Glock 17s and SIG Sauer P226s.

    The contract for between 600 and 800 pistols will “cover the needs of uniformed and civil services” and will be fulfilled over a 4 year period. The pistols must have a 20,000 round lifespan, must be able to mount weapon lights and may have either metal or polymer frames.

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