POTD: Lucky Thirteen – Stacking 300Blk Front To Back

    Having a bad day? I’ll help you put your firearms “issues” into perspective. Instagram user @chrisbarrett  (yes, president of Barrett – Chris Barrett) posted an image of a barrel from an unlucky customer who was experiencing accuracy issues. As it turns out, the shooter in question had stacked thirteen 300BLK bullets end to end in a carbine-length barrel. I think I found the accuracy issue.

    In all honesty, I hope this was some kind of strange test or done on purpose as a dare. Because, even in a fully automatic rifle, 13 rounds missing their intended targets is a scary proposition. Also, I would have assumed that the barrel was chambered for .223 – a whole other common sense issues rears it’s ugly head. But it appears not.

    I’d use this as a PSA, but the only thing I can offer is that if you are worried about this happening to you, it’s time to hang up your spurs.

    On a related note, a brush, some copper solvent and a good welder should get this barrel up and running in no time.