[MSPO 2017] Civilian Variant of MSBS/Grot Scheduled for Early 2018

    According to a recent announcement by Mil Mag on the Polish defense magazine’s Facebook page, the semi-automatic version of the recently adopted (and recently renamed Grot) MSBS rifle by the Polish Land Forces (53,000 rifles for the Territorial Reserves) was announced by president of¬†Fabryki Broni to be available by early 2018 for the commercial market (most likely in time for SHOT 2018). Not to get any readers hopes up too much, but the president did specifically mention that only small numbers of this commercial version would be available initially. Although not specified in the announcement, the company is most likely going to be eyeing the U.S. civilian market in the future, starting with the European market with this particular batch. It will probably be at least a year or more if we hope to see them available in the United States with all the import process and ATF approval.

    From the Facebook status (Google Translated)-

    Officially from the president of the Weapon Factory 5 minutes ago. The self-replicating model MSBS-5,56K aka Grot will enter the civilian market in the first half of 2018. The first models are now ready, but the military priority. The first civil package in 2018 will, however, be small.

    Polish readers will probably know that the semi-automatic version of the rifle has actually been available internally since 2015 when it was exhibited at SHOT that year. In that particular article, it was mentioned that the semi-automatic version wouldn’t go into production until the select fire version would, which only recently began seeing wide-spread adoption by Polish Forces.

    Much thanks to TFB reader Krzysztof K. for sending this in!


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