[MSPO 2017] 53 000 Grot MSBS rifles for the for Polish Armed Forces

    Over 600 companies from 30 countries around the World exhibited at the 24:th International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO in Poland.

    One national company was happy to announce a rather successful contract.

    The Polish firearms manufacturer FB “Łucznik” Radomand and the Polish Ministry of Defense signed an agreement to build and deliver 53 000 Grot MSBS rifles. The rifles are in standard configuration in caliber 5,56×45 NATO.

    It’s interesting to see that Poland developed a rifle of their own and now adopted it. It’s also interesting to see a design which can be configured both in a traditional way as well as bullp-up.

    France went for a German rifle (HK 416F), leaving the FAMAS step-by-step.

    Will Germany leave the HK G36 for a rifle made outside of Germany? I think not, but potentially the semi-German-Austrain Mannlicher-Steyr RS556 could make it.

    Below: The looks in the classical configuration are very similar to the HK433 and FN SCAR.

    I’ve never held a MSBS, but I understand the design is very clever. From what I’ve heard from people who bench marked it, it has a drawback in being heavier than others. The weight is specified as around 3.6-3.8 kg depending on configuration.

    The specification (see bottom of page) says there is a 30 and 60 round capacity. It would be interesting to see which magazine they are using. Surefire, Magpul or something of their own design?

    Note that there is a version in 7,62 NATO being developed.


    The factory has a press release, auto translated below. The original source in Polish here.

    MSBS TRAFI FOR EQUIPMENT Military Territorial Defense

    Arms Factory / Events participation / MSBS TRAFI FOR EQUIPMENT Military Territorial Defense

    The first batch of over 53,000 pieces of the Modular Weapon System of the MSBS will soon arrive in the Polish army. Signed at the MSPO 2017, the contract worth several hundred million zlotys is the largest contract for the delivery of small arms after 1989.

    At the same time, a new name for the rifle, now called The Grot, is presented.

    The agreement between the Polish Armaments Group, which includes the “Łucznik” Arms Factory – Radom sp. Z o.o. and the Military Unit “NIL” was signed on Tuesday, September 5, 2017, during the XXV International Defense Industry Exhibition.

    The contract concerns the purchase and delivery of the C16 FB-M1 rifle, which represents the carnage family known to date as the Modular Weapon System of the MSBS.

    – This is a very important contract for the Arms Factory. I am glad that the negotiations have been successful and the contract has been signed. Polish weapon finally comes to the equipment of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland, Bbo it is worth remembering that the “Grot” carbine of the Modular Weapon System is a completely Polish construction jointly developed by the Arms Factory and the Military Academy of Technology. As President of the Arms Factory, I am very proud of it, “said Adam Suliga, President of the Management Board of Fabryka Arms” Łucznik “- Radom sp. Z o.o.

    This is another recently signed contract of Arms Factory for delivery of “Grot” rifles for Polish Army. On August 31, an agreement was signed for the delivery of 490 pieces of 5.56 representative carabiners, still known as MSBS, at the Armaments Inspectorate. The contract value is PLN 5,538,400.00 gross. The contract is expected to be completed by November 30, 2017.

    The specification of the rifle from the manufacturer’s source:



    The MSBS – 5.56 is modular assault rifle system currently under development by the Fabryka Broni „Łucznik” – Radom. It is a state of the weapon platform with unique features.

    The MSBS-5.56 is fully designed and manufactured in Poland. The modular firearms system with quick-change barrel is based on a common upper receiver for a conventional (with folding, telescopic stock) or bullp-up design.

    Thanks to variety of modules the conventional and bullp-up design variants can be easily transformed into:

    • Assault rifle
    • Assault rifle with under barrel grenade launcher
    • Carbine
    • Carbine with under barrel grenade launcher
    • Designated marksman rifle
    • Light support weapon

    The modular design also allows for adding further configurations in the future. A quick mission-tailored weapon down at the individual end-user level. Highly ergonomic and fully ambidextrous. The MSBS-5.56 assault rifle is fed by a 5.56 mm x 45 NATO intermediate cartridge, but a MSBS-7.62 battle rifle for 7.62 mm x 51 NATO rifle cartridge is also under development.

    Below: Configured as bullp-up, and now looks more like a Kel Tec bullpp-up shotgun.

    Technical data:

    Cartridge: 5,56 x 45 mm NATO
    Muzzle velocity: V0= 890 m/s
    Muzzle energy: 1 600J
    Action: gas-operated
    Firing modes: single, 3-rounds burst, full auto
    Rate of fire: 700÷900 strz./min.
    Effective range: ~500 m
    Length with stock extended/retracted: classical  design 900/843 mm
    bull-pup design 675 mm
    Barrel length: 406 mm
    Rifling twist rate: 6/178 mm
    Sights: mechanical and optoelectronic mounted on Picatinny rail
    Weapon empty: classical design 3650 g
    bull-pup design 3750 g
    Magazine capacity: 30, 60 rounds


    R&D Project No O ROB 0034 03 001, provided by the Military University Technology and “Łucznik” – Radom Arms Factory, founded by the National Centre Research and Development from the science founds for years 2012 – 2016.



    For more pictures of the Grot MSBS please check this link: http://strategie-technik.blogspot.se/2017/09/die-speerspitze-neues-sturmgewehr-grot.html?m=1

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