Rainier Arms Country Rifles at IWA 2017 (Lots of pictures)

    Country rifles, one of my favorite subjects. Well built AR-15s with sought-after parts combined with wonderful artwork.

    At IWA in Germany Rainier Arms brought a lot of interesting firearms, you can see their booth in one of the few instances it was empty – the show was probably closed!

    The Vive La France by Rainier Arms – SBR is back.

    Aimpoint on top of this creation.

    I’ve seen a few Swedes copied this layout, but who could blame them? It looks great.

    In 2016 it was a Bravo rifle Country Rifle: Sweden by Rainier Arms (Bravo Company)

    Time for the USA and the UK.

    I bet the masking was not easy.

    Carbon fiber barrel. Proof research would be my guess.

    This is a real good looking butt stock.

    Mega Arms. I think these would sell really, really well. If they were allowed in the United Kingdom.

    The Union Jack.

    Poland, not Austria, by Rainier Arms. Here’s what it looked last year. https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2016/05/27/country-rifle-austria-rainier-arms/

    Amazing detail. Their “eagle” isn’t bald.

    Noveske Germany, in 2016 it looked like this: Country Rifle: Germany by Rainier Arms – Noveske Infidel Gen III

    The Noveske Pig

    Time for some Italian. I’m sure they would prefer the locally made ADC AR-15s.

    In case you no speak Italian, Family Guy can help you. I’ve tried this numerous times, and it’s always a huge success: “Bopity boopy“.

    Italian AR-15


    I think this is a Cobalt Kinetics. Unfortunately I don’t have more details.


    The IWA 2016 Country Rifles can be found here:


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