Rainier Arms at IWA Germany 2016. Country Rifles (1/3)

    Rainier Arms had a very colorful stand at the IWA exhibition in Germany.

    I don’t know if it’s down to the difference between the technologies or the skill of the painter, but a lot of the Duracoat paint jobs I’ve seen are nice from far, but far from nice.

    Having seen them in the flesh at IWA, these Ceracoated AR-15 rifles look nice from far, but the closer you look the more detail and quality you’ll find.

    Exactly the type of quality I would be willing to pay for, rather than a quick DIY spray job.

    To the best of my knowledge, all these “Country rifles” were painted by Blown Deadline, in honor to the countries that Rainier Arms export to.


    Rainier Arms at IWA in Germany

    Yeah, I’d be willing to collect a few “countries”. I’d give “Sweden” a start, but Great Britain is nice too.

    I’m sure a lot of our readers are interested in the Strars & Stripes.  The German Noveske is nice too…


    This is a very cool collection of rifles. Which one is your favorite?

    Because ‘Merica!


    I didn’t count to see if all of the 50 stars were there, but it sure looks cool.

    The rail is Fortis MFG Night Rail for Rainier Arms.



    Stop scrolling and take a moment to look at the details and depth.



    The Swedish flag…or perhaps something to fit a Mossberg?

    Sweden, represented by the BCM KMR Rifle.


    BCM Handguard and Aimpoint T-2 2 MOA. Aimpoints are Made in Sweden, in case you didn’t know.




    The level of detail is lovely, and you discover new details all the time.




    This color scheme would also work very well on a Mossberg rifle or shotgun.

    In case you didn’t know, Mr. Mossberg was born in Sweden and emigrated to the USA in 1886, hence the swedish flags and three crowns on their logotype.



    All pictures above are (C) of undersigned.


    Bonus pictures, these are from “Chummerz” of Rainier Arms.

    His Instagram channel can be found here: https://www.instagram.com/chummerz/

    2016-03-15 15.26.15_resizePart n#: BCM-KMR-A13, rail above.

    2016-03-15 15.26.24_resize

    2016-03-15 15.26.28_resizeBelow: Bravo Company AR-15. Note the different pistol grips. 2016-03-15 15.25.47_resizeFor more Patriotic Paint Schemes check out the Blown Deadlines Gallery.


    Next up in detail, part 2…Great Britain, France, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland.

    Germany + Noveske = TRUE


    Photo by Chummerz.





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