Happy Birthday! 1977-2017 – Steyr AUG 40 years (Photo heavy)

    It’s time to celebrate – the Steyr AUG has been in service in Austria since 1978.

    The Steyr AUG (short for Army Universal Gun) is an Austrian firearm, made by Steyr Mannlicher.

    In the Bundesheer (Austrian Armed Forces) it is referred to as the StG77.

    I guess the name “77” is due to it being approved in 1977? It was taken into service in they year after, 1978.

    I have shot both the 5,56 NATO and 9×19 mm version. Let’s say that shooting it from my weak shoulder (left side) was exciting, and best done with safety glasses to avoid getting hit by ejecting brass. It’s a very compact rifle, about the same size as a 10″ AR15.

    Sturmgewehr 77 in 5,56×45 mm NATO.

    Below you can follow the Steyr AUG’s life in various situations.

    Jumping out of a helicopter

    Steyr AUGs with Machine Gun support.

    Note the ejecting brass and Glock pistol.

    -“Look! A snake!”

    The Austrian Armed Forces form the armed power of the Republic of Austria.

    In times of peace, the Army comprises professional soldiers, further employees and conscripts.

    The Austrian Armed Forces have a conscript service. In a vote in 2013 the Austrians voted to retain the compulsory military service. Nearly 60% voted to keep the draft, 40% favoured a professionalization of the forces.

    After screening Austrian male citizens must serve six months in the army or nine months in civilian service. All military positions and roles are open to women as well.

    The total force is around 47,000 people.

    The bullp-up has a very characteristic look.

    The Armed Forces of Austria are divided into the air force, land based and special forces.

    50 meters up, with the AUG on the back.

    Austrian Special Forces in action.

    Conscripts getting their Steyr AUGs.

    All pictures from the Bundesheer (Austrian Armed Forces): http://www.bundesheer.at/


    Watch and learn more about the Steyr AUG with TFB TV – The Amazing AUG Bullpup

    There’s also an unlisted video from the Austrian Army HERE.

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