[SHOT 2024] BlueOps Combines Laser-Based Dry Fire Training With App That Times, Coaches You

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by TFB Staff
[SHOT 2024] BlueOps Combines Laser-Based Dry Fire Training With App That Times, Coaches You

BlueOps has announced at SHOT 2024 a new training system designed to enhance dry-fire drills for firearm owners. The system connects an application to a magazine insert, utilizing a laser cartridge to simulate live fire. Users can engage in various drills with real-time coaching from the app, which tracks and records performance statistics, including the time taken for magazine removal and insertion.

One of the key features of this innovative training tool is the capability to program random failures-to-fire (FTF), providing users with the opportunity to practice clearing unexpected malfunctions. This aspect of the training system adds an element of unpredictability, closely mirroring real-world scenarios and allowing users to improve their problem-solving skills in the midst of dry-fire practice.

In future updates, the company intends to implement a social media-style component that will enable users to compare times and compete against one another. This feature aims to foster a community of users who can push each other to improve and excel in their training.

Further expanding on its ecosystem, BlueOps plans to release proprietary laser targets. These targets will be intelligent enough to record the user’s accuracy statistics and relay that information back to the app, providing a comprehensive picture of the user’s performance during dry-fire sessions.

Eylon Cohen, CEO of BlueOps, stated that the goal of this new system is to make dry-fire exercises more engaging, encouraging more firearm enthusiasts to participate in regular practice and, as a result, advance their skills.

Product Specs:
– Couples with a smartphone app for interactive training sessions
– Compatible with a standard firearm via a magazine insert
– Uses a laser cartridge to simulate firing
– Measures detailed reloading times, distinguishing between magazine removal and insertion
– Capable of introducing random failures-to-fire for malfunctions drills
– Future updates will include a competitive social feature for comparing and challenging other users
– Anticipated release of companion laser targets to track accuracy
– Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP): $299

BlueOps is poised to offer firearm owners a modern solution to traditional dry-fire practice, aiming to deliver a system that not only enhances skill development but also injects an element of enjoyment into routine training.

TFB Staff
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