Finnish Police using G36Cs and AR-15s to catch armed criminals

    TFB is proud to add a new rifle to the list that the Finnish Police are using: AR-15. To our knowledge we are first to report this.

    This follows the trend we have been reporting for a while. German Police, Swedish Police etc. are going for AR-15 style rifles, at least the special units.

    For instance, the Swedish SWAT units are changing from HK G36 to LWRCI:

    I would say that that generally in Europe never see any Police units with AR-15s. I guess if you do you are the trouble, or at least close to it!. MP5s and similar, you can see from time to time, but rarely.

    By the looks of it, it might be a LMT CQB MRP in 5.56, sound suppressed.  Since they are Finnish, I suspect they would be using the ASE Utra suppressor, which are great.

    Below: Three criminals (no, not in the picture!) vs. the Finnish Police. Criminals lose.

    This might well be the Finnish Police’s Rapid Response Unit, they have some additional firearms compared to the normal Police units, like various Sako TRG sniper rifles.

    I tried to dig out the details of the photo above, but the source image isn’t the best.

    According to sources, the Finnish Army tested the M16A2 in the 1980. It was too unreliable in the harsh winter conditions, and only the Valmet RK made by SAKO, the Galil and the FN FNC survived the test phase.

    Below: LMT CQB MRP in 5.56

    What we know about the Finnish Police is that they normally use the Glock 17, which is being replaced by the Walther P99Q. That might actually be worthy of a separate article in itself!

    They also sometimes use the Taser X26.

    In terms of sub-machine guns and rifles they normally run the Heckler & Koch MP5, the Heckler & Koch G36C and the FN 303. Source: Wikipedia.

    Below: It looks like they are using an Trijicon ACOG of some sort on the rifle (G36C?) to the left. The rifle to the right (LMT?) seems to have an open red dot with magnifier, but it’s out of focus so it’s difficult to see.

    Zoomed in. HK G36C by the looks of it.

    Below: The Police’s picture of the armed robbers, in an Anytec aluminium boat. They stole a gun safe from a cottage and stole at least one boat. Now busted.


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