Chinese Military Police Competition

    Asian Defense News recently published a compilation of high-quality photographs lifted from various Mandarin news sources such as Ifeng and Nownews of Chinese Military Police competing in a skill of arms competition, in Yunnan Province. The literal Mandarin translation of the description was for the chance to become the “Gun King” of the Military Police units involved. Sponsored by the PLA, Wu-jing (Military Police) soldiers used rifles and handguns in a combat marksmanship shoot, in addition to precision rifles shooting at distance and incorporating various tactical exercises. It incorporated load bearing equipment and physical fitness as a stress element. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any video material of the event to have surfaced yet, so we can’t fully comprehend the drills used just from the photographs.

    Rifles used are the PLA’s standard select-fire QBZ-95G chambered in 5.8x42mm, mounted with traditional two point slings. The competition appears to have focused on combat reloads, close proximity shooting, and accuracy. Pay close attention to rifle development in China because the QBZ series might be heading out the door in the near future.

    The precision rifle section showed the PLA’s newest long range rifle in use (2012), the JS 5.8mm. Chambered as the same cartridge as the QBZ-95, the JS might not be the best candidate for modern long range engagements over 800 meters, but it does look like it serves the needs the Military Police, most likely quelling internal disturbances or a violent confrontation on a PLA installation. Similar to U.S. law enforcement, the ranges at which these JS rifles are going to be used at, are most likely very precise shots within 300-400 meters. The target recognition drill using the smiley faces is also a popular drill within U.S. long-range Military/LE teams as well. Usually, it involves a shooter being given a particular target (in this case one of the faces showing emotions, in a particular row/column) and requires the shooter to locate, engage, and actually hit his intended target at a certain range. This drill tests speed, cognition, and marksmanship fundamentals. These drills work best at 100 meters because beyond that with typical military issued magnified optics, it becomes harder to distinguish the targets on such a small frame.

    The handgun competition showcased the PLA’s issue handgun in use, mounted in what appears to be a Chinese made holster brand, very similar to this one called Wolf Enemy, with the distinctive circular paddle button.


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