China's new service rifle: QBZ-95G

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

These are the first photos I have seen of the updated QBZ-95 rifle, which is speculated to enter front-line service later this year.

The changes are (From Wikipedia) ….

QBZ-95 variant titled “G” fires the heavier 5.8x42mm round, with a heavier longer barrel and a redesigned muzzle break. The “G” variant has an altered butt stock, trigger guard, and a repositioned thumb fire selector switch above the pistol grip. The carrying handle has retained the Chinese quick release mount rail, but also has added the Picatinny rail as a supplement. It has been seen in service in small numbers for testing and evaluation in first quarter of 2010. It has been speculated that this variant will enter full service in late 2010, replacing the original QBZ-95 assault rifle introduced into service in 1995. The original QBZ-95 rifles will be handed down to second line and reserve troops, while front line troops receive this variant.

Overall a decent upgrade, although I like the trigger guard/foregrip concept of the original. It looks like China’s Type 56 (AK-47 variant) may be phased out.

[ Many thanks to Sven for emailing me the link. ]

[Hat Tip: China Defense Blog]

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Dave Dave on Oct 25, 2011

    I tried the QBZ 95 in Beijing and it was good. The pics here are QBZ 95Gs which are the lastest upgraded 1s.

    The QBZ 95 before the QBZ-95G series as seen above had good accuracy and trigger pull. The trigger feels better than Steyr Aug. I've felt the differences and thats a good thing for the QBZ bullpup cuz its meant to be fired at semi-auto. The safety is unorthodox cuz its at the stock. The gun is definitely accurate. It is also small and light too. However there is no weight in the front of gun to hold down the recoil but i guess thats when the technique of gripping a rifle comes in. Defnitely a good gun and better than the FAMAS for sure. The new G series looks like they made the handle lower so that when some1 is using the scope his head wont be sticking out as much as before.

    -Durable(I fired 400 drum mags on the QBZ machine gun full auto.)
    -Reliable(not sure yet but I believe so since its an AK bullpup based off of Chinese famous TYPE 81 AK.)
    -Light magazines
    -Fast easy reload

    -Chamber right at the shooter's face
    -Using the scope means that your head will be exposed alittle bit more.
    -Can only be used by right handed ppl.
    -When you're cleaning the gun you NEED TO DETACH THE SCOPE FIRST!
    -Cleaning and maintanence is longer than the AK.
    -Its too small so bayonets would most likely be redundant.
    -No front weight in the front of the gun to handle recoil

    I personally think this gun is a mix of a m16, an AK, and a FAMAS.

  • Carl Carl on Dec 10, 2011

    honestly, I think this rifle isnt that good. First, the sights are too high up which exposes the shooter. Bullpups are awkward to shoot and the trigger pull on a bullpup sucks. Go back to the type 81. There is no point wasting money and introducing a new rifle when the type 81 is very capable.