Kalashnikov USA Announces Shotguns Are Shipping

    KUSA shotgun

    Using social media, Kalashnikov USA (K-USA) announced on May 17 that the company was shipping the KS-12 and KS-12T shotguns. According to the post on Facebook, the company stated the guns shipped (as in already out the door) to “distributors across the USA.”

    The company has not released the specifications for, or detailed photos of, the shipping guns. Checking the company’s website was not helpful:


    Previously, the company announced it would produce a pair of shotguns called the US109L and US109T. These shotguns are shown below in a screenshot from archive.org (aka: the Wayback Machine.)

    K-USA 2015

    The image shown at the top of this article is from the company’s 2015 catalog and may not resemble the shipping shotguns.

    Hopefully, the company will release more details on these guns soon.

    Cool Response

    These guns, and others, were promised to shooters some time ago. According to mid-2015 articles at both CNN and TFB, Kalashnikov USA issued a press released stating the company started selling AK-based shotguns through a variety of distributors. I don’t know if any of these shotguns made it into the hands of US shooters.

    Some Facebook users expressed doubt about K-USA’s ability to deliver guns. However, at least one person stated he had ordered one of the new “T” models online.

    Alfa and Other K-USA Announced Guns

    Kalashnikov USA made various announcements going back to 2015 about producing new rifles including standard AK variants, a 9mm carbine and the Alfa. Unfortunately, it does not sound like these guns will be shipped in the near future.

    (Note: The gun mentioned in this exchange was originally called the ‘Alfa’, not the ‘Alpha.” It is not clear if the company has changed the gun name or if this is a typographic error made by a K-USA employee.)

    Answering questions on Facebook about some of these guns, K-USA stated that the guns are still in R&D without any specific dates set for shipping. According to the company, the 9mm guns are set to be introduced next:


    Based on earlier reporting by Nathaniel (here and here,) it sounds like there are some problems that are still being worked out with the production. Hopefully, the company will work out whatever issues still exist and deliver quality guns soon.

    Richard Johnson

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