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by Miles

Kalashnikov USA has come out with a press release stating their new products are ready for sale/shipping in the United States, under the new banner “Russian Heritage/ American Innovation”. The company is not directly connected with Kalashnikov Concern (more about that below). Specifically released are some rifle models, the 7.62×39 US132 (which has odd presets for “109, 218, and 328 yards”, the US132SS has a pistol grip and rails), the 7.62×39 US132Z (has a trigger magazine release) and two shotguns, a tactical one, and a more conventional Izhesvk style, both in 12 gauge. Not entirely sure on which parts of the firearms are made in the US, or which parts are being imported into the US from Russia (or if the receivers are perhaps left overs from the Russian imports before sanctions), or if any of it is even imported due to the sanctions. Either way, there is a fair amount of CAA parts in use, it even says this on the website, that the two seem to be in a partnership for that reason. No word on pricing in the release or on the website but it should be available through the dealers listed.

June 2015 – Kalashnikov USA, manufacturer of Kalashnikov style firearms, proudly announce that the new American Kalashnikov models are now available through Acusport, Big Rock Sports, Bill Hicks, Ellett Brothers, RSR, Sports South and others.

“We have made good on the promise delivered at SHOT Show, to provide our customers with a quality product at a competitive price by the second quarter of this year,” Thomas McCrossin, CEO of Kalashnikov USA said.

Under the new banner “Russian Heritage / American Innovation,” the new US models are built on the classic AK 47 rifle and shotgun platforms with a focus on designing firearms for the American shooter using the latest manufacturing technologies. New features on the Kalashnikov USA models include a nitrocarburized case hardening on barrels and chambers to extend life and provide a high corrosion resistance. Also, the barrels have been threaded to accept muzzle breaks and suppressor systems. The bolt and bolt carrier have been enhanced for a smoother action, and an integrated hold open feature has been added to the safety lever.

“Our customers will be pleased with the quality of our American weapons and our new designs,” Bill Silver, VP of sales for Kalashnikov USA added. “American innovation has provided a better weapon at a better price.

Just to reiterate things here, Kalashnikov USA has no relation with Kalashnikov Concern as was covered in a previous TFB post about the matter

The fact of the matter is that RWC company for several years has been the exclusive distributor of Kalashnikovs in the United States. After the imposition of sanctions the business of importing Russian-made weapons manufactured by the Concern was suspended.

To date, because of the imposed sanctions, the company has no rights to continue to cooperate, and even to contact representatives of Kalashnikov Concern. These measures only cause regret and impact primarily American consumers.

The contract with RWC signed in January 2014 for 5 years outlined delivery of up to 200,000 weapons per year. It is clear that RWC is interested in maintaining the US market share; that is why they filed an application for trademark registration.

It's interesting to see most of these aftermarket parts being put on production AKs.
Looks like a rear sight instead of a simple bead for the traditional shotgun.
This rifle is listed in the press release as the US132SS but I can't find it on the website, it says it is in 7.62, even with a brake normally on 5.45 rifles.

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  • TG13 TG13 on Jul 07, 2015

    it seems like they are trying to confuse the consumer into thinking that "Kalashnikov USA" is/was somehow part of Kalashnikov Concern in Russia, but due to the current sanctions they can't have anything to do with Kalashnikov Concern..

    When it's just someone converting pre-sanction Saigas..

    i find that kinda crappy..

  • Guido FL Guido FL on Jul 25, 2015

    This is nothing more than a press release. What is needed is a hands on inspection which would tell the make of the receiver and other components. I have to wonder who is the contract machining company ? I would guess it's IO ?