SIG SAUER Expands 9mm Ammo Offerings

    SIG SAUER 9mm ammo

    When SIG SAUER jumped into the ammunition business, I didn’t know how long they would last. Even though the ammo market was white hot at the time, it seemed like a significant deviation from the company’s established product lines. Too many times, I’ve seen companies – both inside and outside the firearms market – deviate from their core products and fail.

    However, with SIG SAUER, the company appears to not only be succeeding in the ammo niche, but significantly expanding its footprint to be a major player. Seemingly from day 1, the company has been developing and releasing new loads to the public: everything from handgun defensive rounds to rifle hunting rounds with ever-increasing practice and target ammo options as well. In the last few months, the company released hunting ammo for the .308 Win and the .223 Rem, match ammo for the .223 Rem and more.

    The most recent expansion to the company’s line comes in the form of two new loads for┬áthe ubiquitous 9mm. Until now, the company offered three self defense 9mm loads, one each in the most popular bullet weights: 115 grain, 124 grain and 147 grain. However, the company offered only one FMJ round in 9mm – a 115 grain load.

    SIG now offers two additional FMJ bullet weights: 124 grain and 147 grain. This gives shooters a better selection in finding a load that best matches their needs. According to the company, the new rounds shoot with a feel that is “almost identical” to the V-Crown defensive loads with the same bullet weight.

    Richard Johnson

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