New .223 Rem Match Ammo from SIG SAUER

    SIG SAUER 223 Rem Match Grade Ammunition

    SIG SAUER continues to expand its line of rifle and handgun ammunition products. The latest offering is a .223 Rem match load.

    According to the information released by SIG SAUER, the new load will feature a 77 grain Sierra MatchKing bullet. The Sierra MatchKing is an OTM, or open tip match, bullet that is highly respected for its accuracy. The OTM design is not a hollow point designed for expansion.

    SIG SAUER states the company uses premium primers and a propellant that is temperature stable. Additionally, SIG SAUER uses loading equipment that monitors for powder charge consistency to minimize variations from round to round. The company advises that these rounds should deliver very consistent velocities regardless of the weather conditions.

    Probably the most popular platform for the .223 Rem cartridge is the AR-15. Consequently, SIG SAUER developed the round to perform well in these guns as well as bolt action rifles. According to Dan Powers, the president of the SIG SAUER Ammunition Division, “The accuracy and reliability of our new 223 Rem Match Grade rifle ammunition make it an ideal choice for precision shooters – whether shooting in competitions or hunting varmints.”

    At this time, the match load is the only .223 Rem load in the SIG SAUER line. The company currently offers a wide range of handgun ammo, plus a small number of rifle loads including 300 BLK, 308 Win and 300 WIn Mag.

    Richard Johnson

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