New Honor Defense Law Enforcement – Long Slide Models

    Honor Guard Pistols

    Honor Defense announced the company was now offering two new “Honor Guard versions specifically designed for backup and off duty use by police personnel.” The company was careful to note that while these guns were built based on requests from law enforcement officers, the guns will be available for commercial sales.

    The new guns are called the HG9CLE and the HG9CLEMS. The difference between the two is the addition of a manual safety on the HG9CLEMS version.

    Both guns appear to be the same as the long slide guns already listed on the company’s website. Other than the model numbers (HG9SCLS vs. HG9CLE and HG9SCLSMS vs. HG9CLEMS), I could not find any differences in the guns.

    Both of the new guns have a 3.8″ barrel which compares to the original Honor Guard pistol with a length of 3.2″. The new guns use a polymer grip module with a stainless steel modular chassis. They are striker fired and designed for use with 9mm +P ammunition. The guns ship with two 8-round magazines and a pair of backstrap inserts to adjust the size of the grip.

    The guns are made in the United States with parts and materials sourced from inside the country. Honor Defense did not announced a suggested retail price on these guns.

    Richard Johnson

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