Honor Defense Adds the “Long Slide” Pistol

    I never understood why sub-compact handguns have been typically extreme short-barrels. In fact, its my major complaint on my Glock 43. To me, the point of a sub-compact is to reduce the size of the grip, not the slide. The slide is typically been the easiest part to conceal and a longer slide also provides a longer sight radius (better practical accuracy) and barrel length (increase velocity). Recognizing this, Honor Defense has announced the upcoming shipment of their “Long Slide” version of the Honor Guard.

    Honor Defense has been on a tear getting their Honor Guard handguns out to the market. Originally shown at NASGW last year, the handgun has quickly been shipping out through distribution in the original sub-compact model and the nifty FIST version (Firearm with Integrated STandoff) which puts the frame in front of the barrel for extreme close-encounters.


    Standard sub-compact.


    The FIST Frame.

    Their latest version, the “Long Slide” increase the standard 3.2″ barrel to 3.8″ and adds corresponding length to the slide. Further, the longer frame allows the inclusion of a rail for accessory mounting, something which sub-compacts have typically lacked. The Long Slide uses the same chassis as the standard sub-compact handguns, so users will be able to order the frame, slide, and barrel to convert their existing pistol.

    We reviewed the handgun previously and found it a solid offering. With its street pricing at or below $400, it gives the Smith & Wesson Shield a run for its money.

    For more information, visit Honor Defense’s website. 

    Features (Courtesy of Honor Defense):

    • Honor Defense pistols are All-American made handgun, and feature
      • – Modular stainless steel chassis system
      • – Ambidextrous slide catch
      • – Ambidextrous magazine release
      • – Striker-fired design that can handle 9MM +P loads
      • – Snag-free sights
      • – Crisp 7lb pull and short re-set
      • – Custom texture design to provide a better grip in all situations
      • – Two back straps for custom grip
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