The Austrian Armed Forces invests in new equipment

    Austria is investing a large sum of money for the protection of their soldiers.

    A total of 1.2 billion Euros will be invested by 2020, and by the looks of it a lot of the sourcing will be made with local suppliers.

    However, Ase Utra, a Finnish supplier of sound suppressors, have several products featured in the lineup.

    Geographically, and language-wise, it would have made sense for the Austrians to buy from the Swiss company B&T but for some reason

    I own a few Ase Utra and B&T sound suppressors, they are both high quality brands and it’s hard to say which one is best. Lately, all my friends are trying to convince me that Ase Utra is the one to get, an perhaps Austria is showing the way?

    Below: A fully loaded STG77 A2 Commando with a 3x power sight. There’s so much going on on this rifle, and still it manages to be extremely compact with its bullpup design.. Looks like some IR or Night sight on top and a flash light on the side of the scope. Grenade launcher and sound suppressor. Question is, do you want to be that guy carrying all that?

    Greande Launcher and Ase Utra Sound suppressor.

    Below: Steyr HS .50 BMG with a Kahles 624i. This is a .50 BMG single-shot anti-materiel sniper rifle manufactured by Steyr Mannlicher.

    I think this is a Steyr SSG 69 with a Kahles 624i and an Aimpoint Micro on the side.


    Video of the new equipment for the Austrian Army:



    One question I have. Will the Austrian Army go for the new Steyr Mannlicher / Rheinmetall RS556 and RS40 – Modular assault rifle system and grenade launcher once its ready, and leave the AUG once and for all?

    More information can be found, in English, from the Bundesheer (Austrian Armed Forces):

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